ICDT 2019: Keynote Speakers and Accepted Papers First Submission Cycle

Submitted by Pablo Barcelo on Thu, 05/31/2018 - 15:54

We have confirmed joint ICDT/EDBT keynote speakers and tutorial speaker for ICDT 2019 (Lisbon, Portugal, March 26-28, 2019; edbticdt2019.inesc-id.pt/). 

Joint ICDT/EDBT keynote speakers will be: 

ICDT tutorial speaker will be: 

  • Markus Kroetzsch (TU Dresden, http://korrekt.org/). 

We are also glad to announce the accepted papers for ICDT 2019 (1st submission cycle):

  • Liat Peterfreund, Balder Ten Cate, Ronald Fagin, and Benny Kimelfeld. Recursive Programs for Document Spanners. 

  • Arnab Ganguly, Ian Munro, Yakov Nekrich, Rahul Shah and Sharma V. Thankachan. Categorical Range Reporting with Frequencies. 

  • Gerald Berger, Martin Otto, Andreas Pieris, Dimitri Surinx and Jan Van den Bussche. Additive first-order queries. 

  • Ahmet Kara, Hung Q. Ngo, Miklos Nikolic, Dan Olteanu and Haozhe Zhang. Counting Triangles under Updates in Worst-Case Optimal Time. 

  • Marco Calautti and Andreas Pieris. Oblivious Chase Termination: The Sticky Case. 

  • Stefan Mengel and Sebastian Skritek. Characterizing tractability of simple well-designed pattern trees with projection. 

  • Alejandro Grez, Cristian Riveros and Martin Ugarte. A formal framework for Complex Event Processing. 

  • Nirman Kumar, Benjamin Raichel, Stavros Sintos and Greg Van Buskirk. Approximating Distance Measures for the Skyline. 

Some other papers are currently under revision and may soon enter this list. 

Please keep in mind the deadline for the 2nd submission cycle is September 16th. Looking forward to your submissions!