Accepted Papers: First Submission Cycle of PODS 2018

Submitted by Marcelo Arenas on Mon, 11/13/2017 - 15:09

Below please find the list of accepted papers from the first submission round of PODS 2018 (in no particular order):

  • Mahmoud Abo Khamis, Hung Ngo, Xuanlong Nguyen, Dan Olteanu and Maximilian Schleich. In-Database Learning with Sparse Tensors
  • Matthias Niewerth and Luc Segoufin. Enumeration of MSO Queries on Strings with Constant Delay and Logarithmic Updates
  • Wolfgang Fischl, Georg Gottlob and Reinhard Pichler. General and Fractional Hypertree Decompositions: Hard and Easy Cases
  • Pablo Barcel√≥, Gerald Berger and Andreas Pieris. Containment for Rule-Based Ontology-Mediated Queries
  • David P. Woodruff and Qin Zhang. Distributed Statistical Estimation of Matrix Products with Applications
  • Antoine Amarilli and Michael Benedikt. When Can We Answer Queries Using Result-Bounded Data Interfaces?
  • Marco Calautti, Leonid Libkin and Andreas Pieris. An Operational Approach to Consistent Query Answering
  • Dominik D. Freydenberger, Benny Kimelfeld and Liat Peterfreund. Joining Extractions of Regular Expressions
  • Francisco Maturana, Cristian Riveros and Domagoj Vrgoc. Document Spanners for Extracting Incomplete Information: Expressiveness and Complexity
  • Sharareh Alipour and Amir Jafari. Improvements on the k-center problem for uncertain data
  • Martin Grohe and Nicole Schweikardt. First-Order Query Evaluation with Cardinality Conditions

The deadline for the second submission cycle is December 12, 2017, and we are looking forward to your contributions!