No free view? No review! A pledge for open-access

Submitted by Antoine Amarilli on Mon, 05/18/2020 - 20:53

The newly released pledge No free view? No review! (not to be confused with the TCS4F pledge from the previous post) is a way for researchers to publicly express their preference for an open access publishing model. The signatories pledge that they will avoid performing peer review work for journals and conferences that do not put online the research that they publish.

One goal of this initiative is to advertise the support for an open publishing model that already exists across different countries and areas of research. We also hope that the pledge will encourage the editors of closed-access conferences and journals to switch to a different model. Last, our goal is to ensure that we always think twice about how we allocate time to reviewing and other community efforts, and make choices to prioritize venues and initiatives that best serve the interests of our communities.

If you agree with the goals of open access, which we recently presented in a previous blog post, you are encouraged to sign the pledge, advertise it on your website, and spread the word!