Workshop on Reasoning about Declarative Programs

Submitted by Victor Vianu on Thu, 12/15/2016 - 21:32

In the spirit of building bridges between database theory and other communities, the following workshop will take place in conjunction with POPL 2017. You are warmly invited to attend. Note that early registration ends December 17.



Workshop on Reasoning about Declarative Programs
Paris, January 21, 2017

The first workshop on Reasoning about Declarative Programs (RDP) will be held in conjunction with the ACM SIGPLAN Symp. on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2017). It aims to bring together researchers from programming languages, distributed computing, declarative networking, and databases, to stimulate cross-fertilization among these areas.

The technical program consists of the following invited talks:

Aws Albarghouthi    Synthesizing Data-parallel Programs
Alvin Cheung           Cosette: A Solver for SQL Equivalences
Adam Chlipala         Fiat: A New Take on Domain-Specific Languages by Programming with Specifications
Alin Deutsch            Automatic Verification of Database-Centric Workflows
Kathleen Fisher       Programming Language Ideas Escape the Lab:  Declarative Data Description Languages for Managing Ad-hoc Data                                                                
Rick Hull                  Verification Challenges in Applications of Blockchain for Business Collaboration
Christoph Koch       Building performance-sensitive systems in high-level languages
Frank Neven            Parallel-Correctness and Transferability for Conjunctive Queries
Szymon Torunczyk  Computation with Atoms

We invite broad participation from the programming languages and database communities.

Early registration ends on December 17.

Program Committee

Nate Foster, Cornell University
Mooly Sagiv, Tel Aviv University
Victor Vianu, UC San Diego

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