ICDT 2023: Call for participation

Submitted by Floris Geerts on Thu, 12/29/2022 - 12:20

ICDT 2023 - 26th International Conference on Database Theory (ICDT 2023)
Ioannina, Greece, 28–31 March 2023.

The 26th edition of ICDT takes place in Ioannina, Greece, from 28–31 March 2023. As usual, ICDT is jointly held with EDBT, the International Conference on Extending Database Technology. EDBT/ICDT 2023 is organised as an in-person conference. The organisers look forward to welcoming the database community to Ioannina after 3 years of online EDBT/ICDT events. The conference will run in hybrid mode, so that participants having travel restrictions will still have the opportunity to attend. 

Apart from meeting each other again in person in very nice surroundings, other reasons to attend are, for example, the keynote talks:

  • Leonid Libkin: A Researcher's Digest of GQL
  • Gonzalo Navarro: Compact Data Structures Meet Databases,

 and the ICDT invited lecture:

  • Seshadhri Comandur: Subgraph counting and graph orientations: the gift that keeps on giving.

And of course, there is an excellent scientific ICDT program covering algorithms, with papers

  • Generalizing Greenwald-Khanna Streaming Quantile Summaries for Weighted Inputs 
  • An optimal algorithm for sliding window order statistics
  • On Efficient Range-Summability of IID Random Variables in Two or Higher Dimensions

centrality notions, with papers 

  • Absolute Expressiveness of Subgraph Motif Centrality Measures
  • On the foundations of data centrality: the trees case

enumeration, with papers

  • Space-Query Tradeoffs in Range Subgraph Counting and Listing
  • The I/O Complexity of Enumerating Subgraphs of Constant Sizes
  • Constant-delay enumeration for SLP-compressed documents

graph query languages, with papers

  • Size bounds and algorithms for conjunctive regular path queries
  • Uniform Reliability for Unbounded Homomorphism-Closed Graph Queries

explainability/diversity, with papers 

  • The Complexity of the Shapley Value for Regular Path Queries
  • Diversity of Answers to Conjunctive Queries

query evaluation, with papers

  • Degree Sequence Bound For Join Cardinality Estimation
  • Work-Efficient Query Evaluation with PRAMs
  • Conjunctive Queries with Free Access Patterns under Updates
  • Approximation and Semantic Tree-width of Conjunctive Regular Path Queries
  • Finite-Cliquewidth Sets of Existential Rules: Toward a General Criterion for Decidable yet Highly Expressive Querying

 and finally, uncertainty and inconsistency, with papers

  •  A simple algorithm for consistent query answering under primary keys
  •  Probabilistic Query Evaluation with Bag Semantics
  •  Consistent Query Answering for Primary Keys and Conjunctive Queries with Counting
  •  The Consistency of Probabilistic Databases with Independent Cells

This is all complemented with a nice EDBT program. So, don't hesitate and register now! Early registration ends Feb 10th, 2023. See
 http://edbticdt2023.cs.uoi.gr/?contents=registration.html for details. Looking forward seeing you in Ioannina!