PODS Keynote Speakers

Every year, one researcher is invited to give the keynote talk at PODS, as a recognition of his/her outstanding contribution to database theory. Here we provide a list of the PODS keynote speakers since 1992.

2017 Susan Davidson: Data Citation: a Computational Challenge
2016 Moshe Y. Vardi: A Theory of Regular Queries
2015 Michael I. Jordan: Computational Thinking, Inferential Thinking and “Big Data”
2014 Leonid Libkin: Incomplete Data: What Went Wrong, and How to Fix It
2013 Diego Calvanese:  Foundations of data-aware process analysis: a database theory perspective
2012 Surajit Chaudhuri:  What Next? A Half-Dozen Data Management Research Goals for Big Data and Cloud
2011 Tova Milo:  A Quest for Beauty and Wealth (or, Business Processes for Database Researchers)
2010 Joe Hellerstein:  Datalog Redux: Experience and Conjecture
2009 Raghu Ramakrishnan:  A Web of Concepts
2008 Peter Buneman:  Curated Databases
2007 Dan Suciu:  Management of Probabilistic Data: Foundations and Challenges
2006 Alon Y. Halevy:  Principles of Dataspace Systems
2005 Phokion G. Kolaitis:  Schema Mappings, Data Exchange, and Metadata Management
2004 Georg Gottlob:  The Lixto Data Extraction Project – Back and Forth between Theory and Practice
2003 Richard Hull:  E-services: A Look Behind the Curtain
2002 Rajeev Motwani:  Models and Issues in Data Stream Systems
2001 Victor Vianu:  A Web Odyssey: From Codd to XML
2000 Prabhakar Raghavan:  The Web as a Graph
1999 Serge Abiteboul:  On Views and XML
1998 Ronald Fagin:  Fuzzy Queries in Multimedia Database Systems
1997 Abraham Silberschatz:  Multimedia Support for Databases
1996 Alfred V. Aho:  Accessing Information from Globally Distributed Knowledge Repositories
1995 Christos H. Papadimitriou:  Database Metatheory: Asking the Big Queries
1994 David Harel:  Will I be Pretty, Will I be Rich? Some Thoughts on Theory vs. Practice in Systems Engineering
1993 David Maier:  A Call to Order
1992 Catriel Beeri:  New Data Models and Languages – the Challenge