What is ICDT?


Overview of ICDT conferences

# Year/Homepage Where When PC Chair(s) Proceedings Special Issue ACM TODS
26 EDBT/ICDT 2023 Ioannina, Greece March 28-31 Floris Geerts      
25 EDBT/ICDT 2022 Edinburgh, UK
(Online due to COVID-19)
March 29-April 1 Dan Olteanu Proceedings    
24 EDBT/ICDT 2021 Nicosia, Cyprus
(Online due to COVID-19)
March 23-26 Ke Yi Proceedings    
23 EDBT/ICDT 2020

Copenhagen, Denmark
(Online due to COVID-19)

March 30-April 2 Carsten Lutz Proceedings LMCS TODS 47(?) 
22 EDBT/ICDT 2019 Lisbon, Portugal March 26-29 Pablo Barcelo Proceedings ToCS 65(1) TODS 45(3)
21 EDBT/ICDT 2018 Vienna, Austria March 26-29 Benny Kimelfeld Proceedings ToCS 64(5) TODS 44(4)
20 EDBT/ICDT 2017 Venice, Italy March 21-24 Michael Benedikt Proceedings ToCS 63(7) TODS 43(2) & 43(3)
19 EDBT/ICDT 2016 Bordeaux, France March 15-18 Wim Martens Proceedings ToCS 62(4) TODS 42(4)
18 EDBT/ICDT 2015 Brussels, Belgium March 23-26 Marcelo Arenas Proceedings ToCS 61(1) TODS 41(1)
17 EDBT/ICDT 2014 Athens, Greece March 24-27 Nicole Schweikardt Proceedings ToCS 62(8) TODS 42(1)
16 EDBT/ICDT 2013 Genova, Italy March 18-21 Wang Chiew Tan Proceedings ToCS 57(4) TODS 39(4)
15 EDBT/ICDT 2012 Berlin, Germany March 26-30 Alin Deutsch Proceedings ToCS 57(4) TODS 38(4)
14 EDBT/ICDT 2011 Uppsala, Sweden March 21-24 Tova Milo Proceedings ToCS 52(3) TODS 37(3)
13 EDBT/ICDT 2010 Lausanne, Switzerland March 23-26 Luc Segoufin Proceedings LMCS TODS 36(4)
12 EDBT/ICDT 2009 St Petersburg, Russia March 23-26 Ronald Fagin Proceedings ToCS 49(2) TODS 35(4)
11 ICDT 2007 Barcelona, Spain January 10-12 Thomas Schwentick
Dan Suciu
Proceedings ToCS 44(4) TODS 33(4)
10 ICDT 2005 Edinburgh, Scotland January 5-7 Thomas Eiter
Leonid Libkin
Proceedings TCS 371(3) TODS 31(3)
9 ICDT 2003 Siena, Italy January 8-10 Maurizio Lenzerini
Rajeev Motwani
Proceedings TCS 336(1) TODS 29(4)
8 ICDT 2001 London, UK January 4-6 Jan Van den Bussche
Victor Vianu
Proceedings TCS 296(3)  
7 ICDT 1999 Jerusalem, Israel January 10-12 Catriel Beeri
Peter Buneman
6 ICDT 1997 Delphi, Greece January 8-10 Foto Afrati
Phokion Kolaitis
Proceedings TCS 239(2)  
5 ICDT 1995 Prague, Czech Republic January 11-13 Georg Gottlob
Moshe Vardi
Proceedings TCS 190(2)  
4 ICDT 1992 Berlin, Germany January 14-16 Joachim Biskup
Richard Hull
Proceedings TCS 149(1)  
3 ICDT 1990 Paris, France January 12-14 Serge Abiteboul
Paris Kannelakis
Proceedings TCS 116(1-2)  
2 ICDT 1988 Bruges, Belgium Aug. 31 - Sept. 2 Jan Paredaens Proceedings TCS 76(1)  
1 ICDT 1986 Rome, Italy September 8-10 Giorgio Ausiello Proceedings TCS 62(1-2)  


    ICDT proceedings and special issues

    The proceedings of ICDT have been published at Dagstuhl's Leipzig International Proceedings in Informatics series since 2015. Until 2007, proceedings of ICDT conferences have been published in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science series. Excellent bibliographical coverage of ICDT is provided by DBLP, featuring also the SIGMOD Anthology containing electronic copies of past ICDT proceedings. From 2009 (when the  collaboration with EDBT began) until 2013, the proceedings appeared in the ACM Digital Library, in the ACM International Conference Proceedings Series. Access is free, but requires a free ACM Web Account. The 2014 proceedings were published at openproceedings.org, an open publication platform jointly started by EDBT and ICDT. Moreover, the proceedings since 2009 can be freely accessed directly on openproceedings.org from the above table.

    ICDT special journal issues appear in Logical Methods in Computer Science since 2020. Until 2005, special issues special issues on ICDT appeared in the journal Theoretical Computer Science. From 2007 until 2019, a special issue or special section is published in the journal Theory of Computing Systems (TOCS).  An exception was ICDT 2010, whose selected papers were published in a special issue of the journal Logical Methods in Computer Science.  Please note that the selected papers of ICDT 2012 and ICDT 2013 appeared in the same issue, ToCS 57(4)


    Furthermore, since 2003, ICDT collaborates with the ACM Transactions on Database Systems (TODS) in the selection of two papers from the conference that can become invited TODS articles.

    ICDT Council

    The ICDT Council is a group of people overseeing the organization of the ICDT series. It consists of previous and future PC chairs and some members at large. It was long chaired by Jan Paredaens, then by Jan Van den Bussche, Thomas Schwentick, and Wim Martens. The current chair is Dan Olteanu. The Council is currently composed as follows: Carsten Lutz, Ke Yi, Floris Geerts, Graham Cormode, Wim Martens, Dan Olteanu, and Jan Van den Bussche.  

    A brief history

    In the mid 1980s, database theory was not very active in Europe, the only initiatives organized in Europe being the workshops on logic and databases organized by Gallaire and Minker. A small group of people (Paolo Atzeni, Serge Abiteboul, Giorgio Ausiello, Catriel Beeri, Jan Paredaens, Domenico Sacca, Nicholas Spyratos) felt that there was a need to have a regular international forum for European researchers in database theory. This motivated a couple of successful Summer Schools on Theoretical Issues in Data Bases (Cozenza, Italy; Benaudet, France). Eventually, the International Conference on Database Theory was created. Since then, database theory has flourished, with the ACM Symposium on Principles of Database Systems organized annually in the US, and ICDT biennually in Europe.

    From 1995 on the series of MFDBS conferences (which can be considered the Eastern-European version of ICDT) merged in with the ICDT series. (However, the FoIKS initiative can be understood as a resurrection of MFDBS.) At about the same time, the ties with the EDBT Endowment and the series of EDBT conferences were strengthened to unify the European Database Community.  International from a scientific viewpoint, ICDT definitely has a European flavor. It is traditionally held in beautiful historical European locations.

    Since 2009, EDBT and ICDT are held jointly, following the model of the successful series of SIGMOD/PODS joint conferences.