ICDT Test-of-Time Awards

In 2013, ICDT started to give a Test-of-time Award for the paper (or a small number of papers) that has had a significant impact in terms of research, methodology, conceptual contribution, or transfer to practice since it appeared in the proceedings of ICDT. In years with odd numbers and from 2020 on in all years, it is given to the best such paper of the ICDT conference that took place ten years ago. However, in 2014, 2016, and 2018 it will be given to papers that appeared before 2003 as detailed in the table below.

Year Eligible Conferences Winner
2022 ICDT 2012 Dan Olteanu, Jakub Zavodny
Factorised representations of query results: size bounds and readability
2021 ICDT 2011 Abhay Jha, Dan Suciu
Knowledge Compilation Meets Database Theory: Compiling Queries to Decision Diagrams
2020 ICDT 2010 Michael Schmidt, Michael Meier, Georg Lausen
Foundations of SPARQL query optimization
2019 ICDT 2009 Alin Deutsch, Richard Hull, Fabio Patrizi, Victor Vianu
Automatic verification of data-centric business processes
2018 ICDT 1999 & 2001 Kevin S. Beyer, Jonathan Goldstein, Raghu Ramakrishnan, Uri Shaft
When Is ''Nearest Neighbor'' Meaningful?
Peter Buneman, Sanjeev Khanna, Wang Chiew Tan
Why and Where: A Characterization of Data Provenance
2017 ICDT 2007  
2016 ICDT 1995 & 1997 Chandra Chekuri and Anand Rajaraman
Conjunctive Query Containment Revisited
2015 ICDT 2005 Ahmed Metwally, Divyakant Agrawal, and Amr El Abbadi
Efficient Computation of Frequent and Top-k Elements in Data Streams
2014 ICDT 1986-1992 Val Breazu-Tannen (now Tannen), Peter Buneman, and Limsoon Wong
Naturally Embedded Query Languages (ICDT 1992)
2013 ICDT 2003 Ronald Fagin, Phokion Kolaitis, Renee Miller, and Lucian Popa
Data Exchange: Semantics and Query Answering